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Smart Resources Group consists of 3 separate divisions, encompassing pallet manufacturing, waste recycling and labour hire.

The synergies between each division create efficiency, opportunity and innovation.

We operate from three sites, covering all of Metro Melbourne. Our Western Depot is a 3 acre site in Brooklyn. Our Northern Depot is a 4 acre site in Epping and our South Eastern Site is a 35 acre site in Dandenong South.

Smart Resources Group collects and recycles builders waste, garden organics, timber waste, pallets, concrete, bricks, tiles and asphalt.

The products we produce include pallets, crates, boxes, export certified timber packaging, topsoil, mulch , compost and aggregates.

Our Labour Hire Division provides workers for blue and green collar jobs. We can even provide labour to sort and separate your waste on site for our trucks to collect.

At Smart Resources Group, we strive to be innovative. The Dandenong South site is one of the most advanced recycling sites in Australia. It has a State-of-the-Art 5000m2 Sort Facility, utilizing the most advanced European air separation and screening technology. We also manufacture pallets using a robotic manufacturing line. Our heat treatment and drying kilns are powered by bioenergy in the form of wood chip derived from waste pallets. This fuel has replaced LPG Fossil fuel as our main heating source.

Per annum we recycle in excess of 150,000 tonnes of materials. Our diversion rate from landfill is a staggering 95% and we achieve a net carbon benefit of 14,500 tonnes from timber recycling alone.

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With 3 sites in Brooklyn, Epping and Dandenong, S.M.A.R.T Pallets can service your pallet requirements. We offer new, second-hand and hybrid pallets made from a mix of new and recycled timber.



Smart Recycling operates from a 35 acre, state-of-the-art recycling facility in Dandenong South. The site offers recycling services for timber waste, builders waste, green waste and concrete.



We offer a range of labour hire options to suit your business, including short and long-term placements. We have the capability to induct and train staff prior to placement.


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Save time and money with Melbourne’s most innovative and trusted waste management, recycling and labour hire services. Smart Resources Group has waste solutions for every home and business

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Ward Petherbridge

Managing Director

The Smart Recycling site has been owned by the Petherbridge family for over 40 years, when Ward’s father, Geoff bought the Lyndhurst sand pit and solid inert tip in 1982.

After time spent living in Europe and studying Environmental Science, Ward joined his father’s business, Commercial Tippers in 1997. After 2 years, Ward split off and started his own business, Waste Converters Recycling in 1999. This business grew to encompass Smart Recycling, Smart Pallets and Smart Labour Hire and is now known as the Smart Resources Group.

As an environmental entrepreneur and passionate advocate for industrial recycling, Ward has built Smart into a successful business that diverts over 150,000 tonnes of waste from landfill annually.

Ward also actively promotes “upcycling” through the sponsorship of “Create from a Crate”, an exhibition that showcases the reuse of waste timber via the skilled transformation of recycled pallets and crates into objects of beauty and function including musical instruments, sculpture and fine furniture.

Ward is active in the local Dandenong community and is committed to helping ensure the City of Greater Dandenong is recognized as a major manufacturing, processing and business precinct, providing employment and opportunity to the communities of the Southeast of Melbourne. He was a board member on the Committee for Dandenong, is a member of SEMMA, The Greater Dandenong Chamber of Commerce and is a member of the City of Greater Dandenong Sustainability Advisory Committee.

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As innovative leaders in Melbourne's pallet manufacturing, waste recycling, and labour hire sectors, Smart Resources Group delivers custom solutions tailored to your needs.